Dem Venn Boi’s

The ‘Venn Pop Culture’Design assignment offers 4 1/2 stars; I looked at it and said to myself “Well I’m your Huckleberry”! I take an ambitious leap at the opportunity by first pulling up photoshop. I think to myself “Hell to the Naw” I don’t even have the patience for this ..ish tonight. Next I looked at ‘Word’ and began playing with the shapes, I got some nice circles and colors as well but I just wasn’t into following tutorials tonight to grasp enough direction to make my circles translucent. So after looking at examples on the actual assignment I chose to go with gliffy, I got something amateur compared to others but to my satisfaction!

Sure it may be plain but it is a simplistic approach to the Venn Diagram while focusing on some of them hot boi’s from The Wire; goal accomplished. The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly can represent a plethora of The Wire‘s characters but I concentrated on central male characters in episodes 9-11. Frank Sobotka straddles the fence of good and bad and will pay with life altering cost. Stringer Bells intentions are all bad, with pursuing the agenda he will resort to the ugliest methods in which to do so. Jim McNulty may mean to pursue all that is good but his ugly always seems to surface and downplay all the good that he is worthy of achieving. My boi Omar….well lets just say “it is what it is” it is all bad with playing the game that he plays. The only good is that he preys on those most deserving of it but boy does he get UGLY while doing what he does best ‘Stick Up Kid’!

4 comments on “Dem Venn Boi’s

  1. I love the idea of the good, the bad, and the ugly! I can definitely see you point in each of them. I also love Omar being in the middle. He is definitely turning out to be my favorite character. I love the scene with him and Brother. “All in the game” I think he is heading after Stringer next. Brother may be heading for Stringer also.

  2. Don’t worry you are not the only one, Photoshop is kicking my butt as well. Good job on your creation “Dem Venn Boi’s,” Omar definitely is a curious character to me, I he is definitely in between the good world in the bad just like this episode number 10 shows he takes care of his people as he gives the bartender (After feeding his dog, ) a hefty sum of money. I think that Omar attempts to give back to the community in this sense but at the same time he is a lone wolf and and wolf’s gotta eat!

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