Monkey Mash’n Tina

So for my very first assignment bank I felt it fitting to pay hommage to the very first invite I received to the Twitter community, Talky Tina!  I chose to do a Mashup assignment placing Talky Tina’s head on another object or person.  I went to FACEinHOLE after choosing a Talky Tina image from that I would use, it was time to play with what I would trade her body for.  The monkey just seemed fitting as Talky Tina drives people bananas.  I thought this would be a challenging task but it really was a breeze and so funny it seemed effortless.  So here’s to you Talky Tina!

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3 comments on “Monkey Mash’n Tina

  1. Well! First, it was nice that I was your first invitation, because that was nice of me. Plus, Friendly on me.

    But, Number Two, I do not drive people bananas, so don’t say that any more.

    Now, about Number Three, which is a picture of me that you made of a monkey with my head on it. First, good job on doing that mashup assignment of my head. Second, you brought back some long-forgotten memories for me of some dark times for me after The Twilight Zone and when I was still in showbiz but was getting typecast all the time and not getting many roles because people said I was too short all the time and mean which I’m not it was just a role I did one time on a lark and I didn’t really make him fall down the stairs like I said in the court it was just a TV show and he was just an actor man named Telly and he did lots of other shows after like Kojak when he had a lollypop with that guy named Crocker! and so people shouldn’t think I am mean I am all about Friends like it says on my blog. And all my True Friends that have badges.

    Anyway, that bad memory that you brought back is in my shoebox of pictures and I will get it and scan it and put it on my Flickr and tell the story on my blog of it.

    So thanks for that.

    But still, it was nice that you thought of me and make more assignments. Plus, don’t forget The Wire parts of them!

    Well, bye!

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