Real On The Wire

For my last Audio Assignment I chose the 3 1/2 star “Recite an Original Poem”. I chose to approach a summation of what The Wire is constantly reminding us. The overall message implied one should walk away from this series with. The game here is one of many levels, replicated by many but just the same the characters take on their respective roles. Thus loyalty to the game only! I chose to also do a version with some music from one of my favorite bands playing in the background. You can get a bar of both if you choose!

3 comments on “Real On The Wire

  1. I am loving the original poems. I especially like the version with background music. What is that music, by the way?
    I’m making a Wire106 playlist from ds106radio. If you don’t mind, I’d like to add this to it.

    1. Paul that is actually one of the songs from the band I chose, Parliament! This particular song is from Bootsy Collins a member of the group and the name of the song is “I’d Rather Be With You”. Glad you enjoyed it I know that particular song is sampled by many hip hop artist and reminds me of similar like songs played in movies inspired by Ice Berg Slim (Goldie or the Mack).

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