Curb Poetry

For one of two daily creates during week 12 I tried my hand at rhyming as possibly one of the most hated public service workers, parking enforcement. Yea, I said it. What every American has thought at one time or another; that stealthy, unforgiving, invisible son-of-a-motherbiscuit eater that managed to place that overpriced slip in […]

Stealing Z’s

This weekend was very demanding for my family which is already over scheduled being that we have three college students in our household and one pursuing a career with the US Navy! When the TDC for today called for the best sleepy shot there was no difficulty in delivering. My husband, my oldest daughter, and […]

Jack is Back

For Halloween I juggled my daughter’s US Navy Boot Camp Graduation with the festive colors associated with Halloween. With the TDC calling for a Halloween colour walk it was great that my husband had taken a photo of our own carving of Jack with lil Jack in his jaws; this would be the first image […]